Crisp Greens

Leafy Greens Grown in the Greater Toronto Area

Locally Grown

Get the freshest greens possible that are cut to order

Year Round

Vertical farming allows us to grow greens 365 days a year

Reduced Waste

Shortening the supply chain increases shelf life and product quality

Taste The Difference Of Fresh Local Greens Grown Year Round

The majority of greens sold in Ontario come from California and other Southern States. In those cases it often takes over a week the greens are ready for local customers. During this week the greens lose that freshly picked garden taste and often loses over 50% of their nutritional value (Not to mention a week less shelf life for you). That’s why getting our vendors the freshest possible greens is so important to us.

Socially Responsible Farming

Pesticide Free & Non-GMO Produce

90% Less Water Usage Vs. Traditional

Shortened Supply Chains Reduce Waste

Over 100x More Efficient Then Farmland

Due to the cold Canadian climate we rely heavily on imports of fruits and vegetables. This strenuous for the environment across the entire journey of the produce. This starts with vast amount of land needed and heavy water usage especially considering the majority of greens are grown in arid climates such as California and Arizona. The produce then must make a 4000km trip across the continent which can often take over a week during which the produce loses nutritional value and begins to spoil (50% of all produce grown is thrown out). We decided these modern problems needed a modern solution which why we started our own vertical farm to combat these issues.

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